Drones can be used to fight ISIS

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While the United States, Russia, and other countries want to use more modern aircraft, Ukraine does not have the same resources to train its soldiers on these aircraft. Although the Ukrainians have received training in Western countries such as Germany on vehicles and aircraft, they cannot receive the same training in Ukraine on drones. Because Ukrainians have grown up using older equipment, such as trucks, drones are easier for them. Drones are also easy to use for soldiers because they don't need "pilots". Drones have a similar interface to video games, making them easy to use.


Ukrainian military uses an unusual approach to fighting ISIS in east Ukraine. Octocopters are equipped with thermal cameras and can be used for night-time missions. Some drones are fitted with anti-tank weapons and even have the capability to light up columns. These drones can transport up to 11 pounds of payload. They are maneuverable. The drones' small size means they can fly low over targets and drop munitions.

Aerorozvidka started out as an IT enthusiast organization. Today, Aerorozvidka is a military-grade air reconnaissance unit. Aerorozvidka started out as a civilian drone business. Over time, however, it has evolved to a full-fledged unit that is headed by its own leader. Because of export control, the Ukrainian government prevented Russian military planes from entering the country. Aerorozvidka relies heavily on crowdfunding and donations for its continued existence, since many of the components used in drones are made in America.


The U.S. military has supplied Ukraine with armed "Switchblade," drones capable of striking Russian tanks from faraway. These unmanned aerial vehicles were developed by the US Air Force in response to Ukrainian requirements. John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesperson said that more than 121 of the machines have been sent to Ukraine. The Switchblades' use in the conflict in Ukraine is unknown.

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The Switchblade is a small drone with a 40-kilometer range. It can be launched from a tube. The Switchblade, unlike Bayraktar drones can strike a Russian convoy up to 6 miles away. These small aircraft are easy to set up during conflicts like the Ukraine. The Switchblade's speed is faster than that of the Bayraktar. This is the current U.S. Ally.

Russian kamikaze drones

The US recently announced a military aid package worth $800 million to Ukraine. One of those packages includes the delivery of 121 unmanned planes, known as "Phoenix Ghosts," that are designed to terrorize Russian troops. These aircraft are designed for flying over areas for up to thirty to forty minutes and come equipped with warheads, cameras, and other equipment. Switchblade is one such drone. It's a hovering munition measuring 5.5 pounds, and it can eliminate armored vehicles as well as tanks.

These lightweight aircrafts are small and light, and can operate from any location, whether it is land, air or sea. In an aerial conflict like this, every advantage an opponent holds over the other side is important. Russian kamikaze-equipped drones are a direct threat. This capability will likely be key to Ukraine's military, as it can easily break Russian sieges and attack command-and-control nodes. This capability would be a big liability for both parties, but Ukraine could emerge victorious if a small drone makes a difference on battlefield.

U.S. drones loitering

Russia has started integrating ZALA KYB lotering munitions to its military arsenal. These drones have the ability to use deadly loitering munition in the style of bazookas. The use of loitering drones may lead to the proliferation of these autonomous killing machines in black markets. This is something observers and pundits are concerned about. So what can America do to stop this happening?

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Kirby claims that the U.S. government sent more than 121 Switchblade loitering helicopters to Ukraine in order to aid Kiev against Russian forces. The Switchblade drone can hover in a given area for between 30 and 40 minutes. It weighs in at 5.5 pounds. It's equipped with a camera. Its mission is to shoot down the opposition forces in Ukraine.